Among Us and With Us

This year, we commemorate the 17th World Refugee Day. Persons applying for international protection and those to whom it has been granted live among us and with us here in Slovenia and are integrated into society in several important social, cultural and educational fields and into the labour market as well.

For the second year running, the Institut for African Studies, in partnership with Društvo ODNOS and Cene Štupar, is hosting a series of events on the occasion of the World Refugee Day, all of which are part of a project entitled “Among Us and With Us.” The project is funded by the European Commission’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

The purpose of the project is to spread awareness and to keep the general public in Slovenia informed about the situation refugees find themselves in within Slovenian society, the mutual challenges of inclusion and integration at local, national and international level, and the best practices, challenges and recommendations of those with the most important roles to play in creating an inclusive society. This year’s World Refugee Day will feature the following events:

  World Refugee Day

A series of six panel discussions across the country:

  • The Velenje Panel Discussion, 5 June at 1 p.m., Mladinski hotel in Velenju (Efenkova 61a)
  • The Logatec Panel Discussion, 7 June at 1 p.m., the Narodni dom in Logatec
  • The Koper Panel Discussion, 9 June at 1 p.m., Ljudska univerza (Cankarjeva 33)
  • The Maribor Panel Discussion, 13 June at 1 p.m., MC Pekarna (Ob železnici 6)
  • The Postojna Panel Discussion, 15 June at 1 p.m., Dijaški dom in Postojna (Tržaška 36)
  • The Ljubljana Panel Discussion, 16 June at 1 p.m., Narodni muzej (Metelkova 6)

In addition, there will be two major events in Ljubljana:

  • The Solidarity and Inclusion Run on 17 June at 10 a.m. in Tivoli Park, and
  • The Main Event observing World Refugee Day on 20 June between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Prešeren Square.

Come, join us!

V konzorciju projekta Obeležitev svetovnega dneva beguncev “Med nami in z nami” smo združeni Inštitut za afriške študije, Društvo Odnos in Javni zavod Cene Štupar.
Projekt finančno podpirata Urad Vlade Republike Slovenije za oskrbo in integracijo migrantov in Evropska unija preko Sklada za azil, migracije in vključevanje (AMIF).
Izražena stališča nujno ne odražajo stališč Republike Slovenije in Evropske unije.

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